[Days 1, 2, 3]

Starting my 1L felt like going 0 to 60. After three days, I already feel like I’ve been in class for a week.

Though I’m absolutely exhausted, I can honestly say that I love law school so far. Hopefully I won’t retract that statement down the road. The Socratic method will take time to get used to, but I enjoy it when we’re in smaller section classes e.g., Criminal Law. Unsurprisingly, Criminal Law is my favorite class. I originally wanted to pursue criminal litigation, but I put that on the backburner after thinking long and hard about paying off my loans. But I certainly don’t know where I’ll end up three years from now. Hopefully employed as an attorney, of course.

Labor day means that we have Monday off! That means extra time to do my reading! \o/ I just started law school, and this is what my life has become. I’ve been doing at least¬†6¬†hours of reading a day, and I already have a writing assignment for LRLW due Tuesday. The amount of work I have to do is crazy, but I am a masochist and enjoy it, for the most part (with the exception of reading a certain casebook. I’m looking at you, Dukeminier).

ALSO! I got cold-called and did well! I think. The professor donned an excellent poker face, but some of my classmates were nodding so I at least know I didn’t look like an idiot.

The class gunner wore a fez today. I wonder how many hats he owns.

[Day 0]

So, this is the first time I’ve lived completely alone and it’s getting kind of old… I MISS LIVING WITH OTHER PEOPLE.
At least I have my mint and basil plants to keep me company (sad sad). I’ve been dumping water on them arbitrarily and they seem to be thriving!

Tomorrow’s the first day of class! Spent literally the entire day going over my reading assignments and taking notes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in the honeymoon stage, but I’m actually enjoying it! Probably going to retract that statement in a week or so. Also, I need to get a locker if I don’t want to lug around 50+ lbs. of casebook on my back all day.

The class gunner already reared his head during orientation. He wears a fedora.